We are proud to be a partner who understands the kind of support, resources and services required to help credit unions, and their members, meet their financial goals.

Read on to learn how SmartStep Solutions has become an invaluable asset to our clients.

with SmartStep Solutions

With no existing Courtesy Pay program in place, Forge CU worked with SmartStep Solutions to create and launch a program that was beneficial to the members as well as the credit union.

Auburn Community FCU didn’t have a Courtesy Pay program, and they considered partnering with their core processor to create a program. But after careful due diligence, they decided that working with an expert like SmartStep Solutions would guarantee compliance as well as expedite the launch of the program.

Texasgulf FCU didn’t have a program and wasn’t considering one. SmartStep Solutions enlightened them about the numerous benefits a strong Courtesy Pay program could provide their members.


with SmartStep Solutions

Desert Valleys FCU had developed their own Courtesy Pay program and managed their overdrafts manually. SmartStep Solutions reworked and improved their program to include more automation, a compliance guarantee, and staff training.

Campco CU offered overdraft privilege through their core processor, but they worried about compliance and regulations. SmartStep Solutions helped them revitalize their program with a compliance guarantee.

Telco CU had a Courtesy Pay program through their core processor, but the program was under performing and the board was worried about compliance. They worked with SmartStep Solutions to modify their program, capitalize on missed opportunities and improved their comfort level with a compliance guarantee.

Transitioned to SmartStep Solutions

GNC Community FCU was working with another Courtesy Pay provider but found the program was ineffective. SmartStep Solutions was able to offer a more comprehensive program that provided the results the CEO wanted.

Long Reach FCU was using another Courtesy Pay vendor, but the reporting was very cumbersome and time-consuming. SmartStep Solutions’ proprietary software (SmartTech) made the reporting more efficient, and their team provided updated policies and procedures.

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