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SmartStep Solutions has spent years focusing on creating solutions that work effectively with any size credit union. With this strategy in mind, we were the first overdraft privilege provider to build a streamlined process for remotely implementing an overdraft privilege program, resulting in a competitive price with an efficient implementation. Not only has our program proven to be successful, it has helped over 150 credit unions increase their NSF/OD revenue by an average of 132%, while improving member loyalty and satisfaction.

In addition to helping credit unions implement a new overdraft program, we expanded our solutions by creating a strategy and process to help credit unions revitalize their existing overdraft program. Without ongoing management, the erosion of an existing overdraft program can result in reduced revenue, create regulatory concerns and simply not provide your members an effective service. Our revitalization strategies have boosted our clients’ existing overdraft program’s non-interest revenue by an average of 42%!

After years of working successfully within the credit union industry, we made a thoughtful decision to take our proven strategies and apply them to a core processing solution. Our goal was to find a software solution with top level automation for increased operational efficiency, fully integrated with open architecture for flexibility yet employee friendly with competitive member services. CU-Interface DPR2 is a Simply Advanced solution designed to meet all the needs of credit unions and their members, today and in the future.

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Learn about Courtesy Overdraft Privilege

Whether this is your first time to consider an overdraft privilege program, you are revisiting the idea or you are looking for ways to improve your existing overdraft program, you could not have picked a better time or a better partner. Overdraft privilege programs have been around for years but today they are more consumer friendly than ever before, which may be why consumer approval and usage continues to increase.

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Learn about Data Processing

CU-Interface DPR2 was built by a team of programmers who spent years working with credit unions to develop an intuitive solution with advanced technology. Our Simply Advanced philosophy has successfully enriched the member experience at an affordable price for the credit union.

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