Our overdraft privilege solution has been PROVEN SUCCESSFUL with financial institutions from coast to coast. We invite you to read what our clients are saying about us.

Like many CEOs, I was looking for additional services to offer our members, that would also generate income to help the bottom line. Another credit union CEO referred me to SmartStep Solutions. After meeting with them, I knew their product would meet both of my objectives. Once we launched the Courtesy Pay program, we immediately recognized an increase in the bottom line, and it’s grown ever since. Their staff is always up to date on compliance changes, their software is very user-friendly, and they continually offer that extra step of service.

Southland Federal Credit Union
Lufkin, Texas
355% Increase in NSF Income

We were looking for an ODP vendor to increase revenue, when our core processor recommended SmartStep Solutions. After talking with them, we were pleased to find that they had very competitive pricing along with a compliance guarantee. Once we signed with them, the implementation process was flawless, and Becky was phenomenal. Our revenue has far exceeded our expectations. Prior to implementing the program, our NSF fee was $35. When we officially launched our ODP program, we lowered our NSF fee to $25 and since then, we’ve more than doubled our monthly NSF income. I would absolutely recommend them to any credit union – they’re a great vendor!

New Horizon Federal Credit Union
Barberton, Ohio
160% Increase in NSF Income

When Pittsburgh Central FCU was looking for alternative income in addition to our interest income from loans and investments, a trusted friend of the credit union introduced us to SmartStep Solutions’ overdraft protection as a solution. In the preceding months, I interviewed other providers of Courtesy Pay and was surprised at the fees those companies expected from the credit union for servicing the program, which would have caused Pittsburgh Central a profitability concern. SmartStep provided a complete solution for this credit union. The initial marketing materials, program compliance, and an ease-of-use administering process was a welcome surprise - especially in an industry that does more with less as a rule. SmartStep and its employees have been wonderfully supportive of the needs of the credit union. They provide a great product, great service, and definitely a preferred service provider in the credit union movement!

Pittsburgh Central Central Federal Credit Union
Sewickley, Pennsylvania
240% Increase in NSF Income

When we originally considered an overdraft program, the Board of Directors had serious reservations about offering this type of service. Their position was that we were giving members ‘carte blanche’ to overdraw their checking accounts, and they were concerned we weren’t teaching members good financial habits.

To our surprise, we’ve seen that our members do manage their overdrafts responsibly and continue to appreciate the fact we offer this service.

The key was SmartStep Solutions, who analyzed our membership database, made recommendations on how to limit our risk and made sure that we clearly communicated to our members and employees exactly how this service works.

Since starting the program in 2005, we have averaged over a 200% increase in net NSF revenue and more importantly, members continue to use the program and appreciate the service.

The Board has been very pleased with the overall results of this program and SmartStep delivered exactly what they promised; a program that saves our members from paying merchant fees, using payday lenders and produces new net income for the credit union.

Canton Police & Firemen’s Credit Union
Canton, Ohio
235% Increase in NSF Income

“When we were considering a Courtesy Pay program, our state examiner referred us to SmartStep Solutions. Once we discovered everything they offered, we were pleased to see that they manage and maintain all of the compliance requirements of the program. That takes the burden off of the credit union staff to make sure current rules and regulations regarding Courtesy Pay are current. If anything changes, SmartStep notifies us and updates our brochures, policies, letters, disclosures and whatever else is needed – that’s a wonderful value to our credit union.”

Co-op Toledo Credit Union
Maumee, Ohio
172% Increase in NSF Income

“We're a small credit union, and we were having difficulty interpreting the new implementation of Regulation E. We started asking our peers about ODP providers and they recommended we research SmartStep Solutions. After performing our necessary due diligence, we signed up with SmartStep Solutions. Our representative, Kayla, was extremely patient and knowledgeable about her product. We totally relied on this company's credit union expertise and can state that the staff was phenomenal during our implementation. Since we launched our ODP program, the staff has remained steadfast with their excellent customer service. They are friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with during these tumultuous regulatory times."

Clarence Community & Schools Federal Credit Union
Clarence, New York
38.77% Increase in NSF Income

“We researched three different vendors who all provided an identical service, but SmartStep Solutions was able to do it at a much more cost-effective price. They were extremely helpful and answered all of our questions as we performed our due diligence in selecting a vendor.

The implementation and staff training of this service was quick, simple, and easy. The SmartStep team was available every step of the way. On the first day we launched the program, we had a few questions which were promptly addressed by the SmartStep staff. Choosing SmartStep Solutions as our ODP provider was a great decision which resulted in growth in income for our credit union.”

Lehigh Valley Federal Credit Union
Allentown, Pennsylvania
328% Increase in NSF Income

“The main reason we chose SmartStep Solutions was because of their pricing structure. Our current Data Processor endorsed another vendor for ODP, but the SmartStep program was much less expensive and provided substantially the same service. The implementation was simple, and the SmartStep group has followed through on everything they promised. We’re very pleased with the results from our ODP program. Since initiating our partnership with SmartStep, we have increased our NSF fee income by 100%. “

DCH Credit Union
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
103% Increase in NSF Income

“SmartStep Solutions has been a great source of income for our credit union over the years. Since implementing our ODP program, we have recognized and sustained over a 500% growth of our NSF income, with relatively minimal effort or staff resources required on our part.

As a small credit union, we were thrilled to find an ODP vendor like SmartStep Solutions who would work with a credit union our size.

Our relationship with SmartStep Solutions was so successful during the contractual period, we immediately enrolled in their renewal program when our contract expired. Their compliance guarantee and ongoing support is worth the renewal fee we paid. It was a no-brainer.”

Superior Savings Credit Union
Massillon, Ohio
534% Increase in NSF Income

“Thanks so much for all you do. It’s nice to work with a vendor that takes care of you. Just the periodic program updates and reminders from SmartStep Solutions, that keep us on top of things, are so nice. We are happy with everything you do for us.”

Temple-Inland Federal Credit Union
Diboll, Texas
74.90% Increase in NSF Income

“When we decided to research ODP vendors, a neighboring credit union suggested we contact SmartStep Solutions. We evaluated several vendors and determined that SmartStep would be the best fit for us.

When we were starting the program, I had a little apprehension about two issues. The first was how the SmartStep technology would integrate with our current data processor. SmartStep had never worked with our core system and that gave me a little cause for concern. The second issue was the fact that SmartStep would be conducting all staff training remotely via conference call. I wasn’t sure how effective that type of training would be for our staff. The other ODP vendors offered to visit the credit union to conduct the staff training – but at the credit union’s expense.

As far as the technology, SmartStep handled everything. They worked directly with our data processor to ensure their technology platform was compatible with our system. They worked with us and our vendor to test, troubleshoot and resolve any issues that arose. Overall, the technology issue that I thought was going to be such a big problem, ended up being a non-issue.

Regarding the training, the SmartStep team was professional, informative, and thorough to ensure that our staff was educated regarding this new product. Our training materials arrived on time, the conference calls were effective and helpful, and I was pleasantly surprised they did such a comprehensive job training our staff and never once visited us in person.

Overall, our experience with SmartStep has been wonderful. The program has had a great response from our members, and the SmartStep staff was (and continues to be) extremely helpful whenever we have any questions or need their assistance.”

Omega Federal Credit Union
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
74% Increase in NSF Income

“SmartStep Solutions has a great ODP program that has provided a significant amount of income for our credit union. I don’t know where we would be without it, especially in this economy.

The implementation was simple and easy – the initial training from our SmartStep representative was extremely thorough, and all staff members were fully educated about the details of this program. As any CEO knows, launching a new product can be chaotic, but the SmartStep team made it a breeze.

The software system integrates with our core processing system, and the program requires very little staff time and effort to implement. But the bottom line is….members love it.”

Pennstar Federal Credit Union
Hermitage, Pennsylvania
114% Increase in NSF Income

“SmartStep Solutions has always been great to work with. About the middle of our SmartStep contract, we switched core processors and the transition was effortless. SmartStep was by our side throughout our conversion to ensure our ODP program continued to work perfectly.

Our NSF income has increased 60% since we began working with SmartStep. Our members have realized the value of this program, and our write-offs have been minimal, considering the overall growth of our fee income. SmartStep has provided outstanding customer service and I’m glad we chose them as our ODP vendor.”

Sentinel Graphics Federal Credit Union
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
60% Increase in NSF Income

“We’ve been using the SmartStep ODP program for years and have averaged a 300% increase in revenue. Our members continue to appreciate and utilize the service. In this economy, our members are trying to stretch their paychecks as much as possible, and this gives them a little help in between paydays. Our board of directors is thrilled with the overall results – additional income as well as providing a safety net for our members.”

Painesville Credit Union
Painesville, Ohio
380% Increase in NSF Income

“Kayla, just a special ‘thanks’ for the wonderful job you are doing for us. Knowing we can count on you if we have any problems helps us to relax.”

Heights Community Federal Credit Union
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
196.32% Increase in NSF Income

“Our credit union had an overdraft program in place prior to working with SmartStep Solutions. However, not only was SmartStep Solutions able to help us increase our NSF revenue by 44%, but their program made the daily management of our program quick and simple. Their staff is very helpful and the compliance support has been very beneficial."

Alco Federal Credit Union
Wellsville, New York
44% Increase in NSF Income

"ARC did not have an overdraft program in place prior to SmartStep Solutions, so we had some reservations about the projected increase in fee income this program would create.  We are happy to report that, 6 months into the program, we have already reached the projected 120% NSF/OD revenue increase.  Thanks SmartStep Solutions!!"

ARC Federal Credit Union
Altoona, Pennsylvania
120% Increase in NSF Income

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