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Since 2004, SmartStep Solutions has been trusted by over 150 Credit Unions to implement a comprehensive Courtesy Overdraft Privilege program with a strong social conscience for the Member and a compliance guarantee for the Credit Union. From the beginning, our goal has been to provide Credit Unions of any size with innovative and competitive products with high quality service.

Our unique approach to Courtesy Overdraft Privilege programs inspired us to be the first company to provide remote implementation, saving time and money for our clients. We have continued to develop and improve our solution by adding new strategies to keep our program fresh and successful. In addition to implementing new Courtesy Overdraft Privilege programs, we now provide revitalization solutions specifically designed to improve non-performing overdraft programs that may be out of compliance or experiencing a decline in revenue.

In 2011, SmartStep Solutions introduced CU*Interface as a business partner and began offering their Simply Advanced Data Processing Solution. Since then, we have successfully converted Credit Unions in Texas, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio to CU*Interface’s all-inclusive data processing platform.

Employment Opportunities

SmartStep Solutions is based in Central Texas. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer focused on exceptional client service within an employee friendly environment.

We are always looking for quality employees to join our team! If you believe your skills would benefit SmartStep Solutions, please forward you resume to our Human Resources Department at

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